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BDC's and Client Service Centers

BDC's have a bad name because over 50% of the time they FAIL! They fail because it's not easy, it's easy to setup, they're not easy to manage and it's not easy to integrate them into your sales or service process...UNLESS you have the right BLUEPRINT and TRAINING. We have been building successful BDC's for over 15 years! We have setup over 100 BDCs across the United States for many of the largest Dealers in the country like Sonic Automotive and Prime Motor Group. We have trained over 2000 agents and managers on the best practices and most effective call guides for inbound and outbound calls. We have worked with every CRM and DMS to ensure smooth integration with you current workflows. Whether you have a 3 person BDC or a 30 person Client Service Center we can help you build it from scratch or just tune it up so you get the full potential of this large investment. Call us or fill out the form below for a FREE Consultation.

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